1U & 2U 48V DC and 110V DC POWERED NAS SERVERS-Green Energy computing and IRIG Time-stamp DVR utilizing very fast NVMe SSD's and Flash storage devices

Cepoint 1708 Intel Server Studio9000 Cxp Video Stream Server CePOINT Networks, LLC
Cepoint Networks, LLC. United States based world's leading DC-Powered Industrial NAS Server Computing systems and GPS Time-stamp DVR's is still supplying low Energy Green computing Appliances at low cost, although its products recently effected some price changes. The company has launched even more power less power consumption servers utilizing very fast NVMe SSD's and Flash storage devices.

BOSTON - Tennsun -- 1U & 2U 48V DC and 110V DC POWERED NAS SERVERS-Green Energy computing utilizing NVMe SSD's and Flash storage devices.

NAS Storage server price changes Effective April15, 2021

Due to semiconductor market price volatility, material prices cost increases and other circumstances beyond our control that has lead to supply chain cost increases, the previous prices of some of our 1U, 2U and 4U rackmount industrial NAS storage servers and scientific computing systems are unfortunately NO longer sustainable for us so there has been some price adjustments. While Cepoint Networks would like to maintain the old low prices as previously offered, it has become untenable to keep the old low price for reason stated above.
Allen Wukari, the company's VP of Operations laments over supply-chain shortages and rising costs  "...We wish we have control over the supply chain Material Parts & Components prices, unfortunately our company has to pay for the Materials/Parts cost changes after intense negotiations to bring down the prices even beyond the standard charged price increase..".

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Despite industry market volatility the company has launched even more powerful computing storage servers utilizing NVMe SSD's and Flash storage devices.

Rugged FAST NVMe drives Rule.

Also integrated into the company's rackmount IRIG-B and GPS precision Time-stamp multi-channel, high speed video capture and recording systems are rugged Fast NVMe storage devices for high performance and lossless frame captures, recording with precision frame time-stamps.

The company's Studio9000 DVR IRIG rackmount systems are used in Aerospace, Defense, Telecommunications and Industrial Processes for R&D, Training, Surveillance & Monitoring, Air Traffic Control & monitoring, industrial process & monitoring, Broadcasting & Entertainment and many other imaginable applications as these units can be used for capture, recording, streaming and playback of high speed simultaneous multiple data and video streams with precision frame time-stamps especially for scientific applications.

Please note that Cepoint Networks has always diligently offered pricing discount to clients while providing reasonable support without additional over head charges to new and existing customers and, shall always continue to offer the best so your company and clients can be confident Cepoint shall always provide excellent industrial servers and support required for 24/7 operations and processes at the lowest cost possible.

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As usual Cepoint Networks shall continue to offer varied customization changes and configurations as may be requested by customer or customer's end user.

Please always feel free to contact Cepoint Sales Team: sales@cepoint.com with any question or request. Prices for other products and models not mentioned or stated here are available on request.

Email: sales@cepoint.com Website: http://www.cepoint.com OR www.cepoint.net  (for storage solution

Thank you for your business.

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