CUB Ventures and Hot Seat Services Team Up For a Power Expansion in Driver Recruiting

Charles Gracey, President, Hot Seat Services (left) and Travis Overton, President and Chief Executive Officer of CUB Ventures/CDLLife (right) at the CUB Ventures headquarters in Kansas City, MO.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Sept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- CUB Ventures is pioneering a partnership with Hot Seat Services, a veteran-owned leader in CDL driver recruiting, to advance the future of driver recruiting processes, products, and resources for carriers.

In a move that is set to revitalize recruiting in the trucking industry, CUB Ventures, parent company of CDLLife, Uhray, Bright Lights Media, and Veterans in Trucking, is excited to welcome Hot Seat Services, a leader in driver recruitment, to its family of brands, accelerating their expansion of industry-leading services within the CDL driver recruitment sector.

Working together, CUB Ventures and Hot Seat Services will transform carriers' ability to leverage CUB Ventures' advanced lead generation platforms and marketing capabilities, while maximizing the capacity of their recruitment through Hot Seat Services' range of product offerings. This partnership of services achieves greater agility for recruiting departments at trucking companies of any scale.

Hot Seat Services will continue to operate under the leadership of President, Charles Gracey alongside Travis Overton, President and Chief Executive Officer of CDLLife and member of the CUB Ventures board of directors. Hot Seat Services will be headquartered in Chattanooga, Tenn.

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"I think that there is a shift within the transportation industry,"  said Travis Overton, "The carriers that recognize the need for seasoned and skilled recruiters are the ones getting ahead. I believe that the driver recruiter is the single most important piece of the recruiting puzzle. They have the ability to stretch your advertising budget further and ultimately decrease your marketing spend.   At CUB Ventures, holistically, we know that we cannot   achieve successful results for our clients without having deep insights and product offerings serving the driver recruitment process."

"Our combined efforts are something that this industry has never seen,"
 said Charles Gracey, "Never before have carriers had the ability for a vendor to offer a full-service approach with industry-leading experience in both the lead generation and recruiting sectors of the driver-recruiting category. Whether it's lead generation management, technology development, or recruiting, we can cover it all, and all in one spot."

Combining the expert lead generation, brand management, and content creation offerings throughout CUB Ventures' existing subsidiaries with Hot Seat Services' deep experience in the recruiting realm will revolutionize driver recruitment strategy and performance throughout the trucking industry.

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About CUB Ventures

CUB Ventures connects companies with the nation's largest digital audience of truck drivers by creating engaging content and implementing industry-leading lead generation technology to increase carrier visibility to the workforce. The CUB Ventures family of brands includes CDLLife, Bright Lights Media, Uhray, and Veterans in Trucking.

Mission Statement:  CUB Ventures innovates within the communities and technologies that drive connectedness, efficiency, and convenience for tomorrow's transportation sector.

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About Hot Seat Services

Hot Seat Services is an industry leader in the CDL driver recruiting space. They serve carriers in the area of full-service 3rd-party driver recruiting and offer an array of additional services including rent-a-recruiter for carriers in need of turnkey recruiter capacity expansion.

Mission Statement:  Hiring drivers is our jam!

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