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GRAY, Tenn. - Tennsun -- The Old Schoolhouse® is pleased to introduce The Homeschool College Directory, an essential resource for families seeking colleges that support Christian homeschool graduates. This directory fulfills the critical need for parents to identify higher education institutions that uphold Christian values amidst the diverse worldviews prevalent in many college environments.

Transitioning from homeschooling to college presents unique challenges for many Christian families. Determining which universities will provide a nurturing environment that aligns with their faith and values can be daunting. The Homeschool College Directory by The Old Schoolhouse® offers a comprehensive solution, listing colleges renowned for their supportive stance toward Christian homeschool graduates.

The Old Schoolhouse® is committed to supporting students' faith journeys. College represents a pivotal period in a young person's life, filled with both opportunities and challenges. The Homeschool College Directory helps parents and students identify colleges that respect their homeschool background and encourage their continued spiritual growth, aiming to ensure that students can thrive academically while maintaining their Christian faith.

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The Homeschool College Directory includes detailed information on a wide range of colleges and universities, offering insights into their academic programs, campus life, and spiritual support systems. Families can use this resource to make informed decisions about where their children will pursue higher education, confident that these institutions understand and respect their Christian and homeschooling values.

Encouraging Statistics from the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI)

According to NHERI, homeschooled students typically score 15 to 30 percentile points above public-school students on standardized academic achievement tests. Additionally, homeschool graduates are more likely to attend college and succeed academically. These statistics reinforce the importance of finding faith-friendly colleges that continue to support the academic excellence and spiritual growth fostered during homeschooling.

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About The Old Schoolhouse®

The Old Schoolhouse® is a trusted name in homeschooling, dedicated to providing families with the resources and support they need to educate their children effectively. With a commitment to faith-based education, The Old Schoolhouse® offers a variety of tools, including the magazine, online courses, The Schoolhouse Network (co-ops) and now The Homeschool College Directory, to help families navigate their homeschooling journey.

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