Handling School Issues Presentation Offers Support for Navigating Preschool and Beyond

FRANKLIN, Tenn. - Tennsun -- It may be July, but parents across the nation are already anticipating the beginning of a new school year. There are supply lists to fill and first day forms to complete. Parents of twins, triplets, quadruplets and more can now add another essential to their checklist: a review of "Handling School Issues" by Multiples of America.

"Handling School Issues" is a narrated presentation developed to help parents of multiples navigate a variety of issues related to school attendance.

"The school scene. It's exciting. Sometimes challenging. Always an adventure," the presentation begins.

For those parents with multiples about to enter school, the presentation then offers information about school readiness, growing pre-reading skills, and overcoming learning challenges. There are references to difficulties that can shape any child's learning as well as recommendations for navigating challenges involving twins, triplets, or more.

The presentation also details Multiples of America's "Guidelines for the Education of Multiple Birth Children." These guidelines, which were developed through a blend of research, literature review, and personal experience, address seven areas that parents should consider in order to ensure the best possible education settings for their multiples. Topics covered include: the multiple bond, classroom placement, parent involvement, and considerations when retention is recommended.

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Above all, the guidelines recommend "schools should provide an atmosphere which respects the close nature of the multiple bond while at the same time encouraging individual abilities."

Educators and caregivers can benefit by adding a review of the "Handling School Issues" presentation to their list of school year preparations. In fact, one of the guidelines recommends providing teachers with resources specific to educating multiples.

Members of local clubs and affiliate members can view or download the "Handling School Issues" presentation through the Members Only Center of the organization's website, www.multiplesofamerica.org. They can also access an Education of Multiple Birth Children toolkit and summaries of organizational research specific to the topic.

Multiples of America (also known as the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc.) is a 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families of multiple birth children (twins, triplets and higher-order multiples) through support, education, and research. Founded in 1960, the organization serves nearly 6,000 members in more than 130 clubs across the country. For more information about the organization, its services, and benefits, contact our Executive Office, at info@multiplesofamerica.org

Source: Multiples of America

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