Justin Thomas to Release Prayerful New Country Single on Thursday

'When Will It Stop' is a badly needed prayer for simple pleasures in a world of complication.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Tennsun -- Justin Thomas soars on his heartfelt Country anthem 'When Will It Stop', infusing his all-American sound with hints of Rock and classic Bluegrass. Reflecting pensively on the trials and tribulations of adulthood in contrast to the optimism and purity of youth, Justin delivers food for thought that any listener can relate to. His poetic lyrics are a refreshing addition to the atmospheric sound he has created and passionate guitar riffs sing as counter melodies to his heartfelt croon. 'When Will It Stop' is a badly needed prayer for simple pleasures in a world of complication.

Justin Thomas is a country music singer-songwriter. His sound is comforting and original, with the warming elements of Americana, Bluegrass and Folk. His performances are authentic and his beautifully crafted songs envelope you in a way that is uplifting and all-encompassing. Justin's sound is utterly compelling and timeless, drawing inspiration from the likes of Randy Travis, George Strait, Alan Jackson and many more revered 90s Country artists. Justin also credits the Bluegrass sound as a huge influence in his work, taking from the exquisite harmony and stylistic approach and weaving the sound into his own craft.

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With no formal training or songwriting classes, Justin's music comes entirely from his heart and soul. Justin's poetic lyrics make him a true standout of his genre, singing the words of an old soul since he was young. The city of Nashville has been an integral part of his artistry with Justin saying "Living in the Nashville area, I learned how to play better, write better and experienced quite a variety of music."

For those that yearn for the days where traditional Country music reigned supreme, Justin Thomas is here to appease. He is passionate about his music and takes a hand in all aspects of the production and sound of his songs. Listen closely to be cloaked in the charm and melodies of his stories.


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