Levinger-Regens Analytics Reveals New Energy Outlook

The company evaluates the energy market on a constant basis to keep market users well-informed and help them make educated business decisions

GANGNAM-GU, South Korea - Tennsun -- Levinger Regens, an established financial advisory and strategic consultancy services provider with deep market knowledge, a dynamic network of information, and derivatives solutions, today announced the release of the updated energy outlook. Over the last years, the energy markets have been on possibly the most extreme rollercoaster ride in history, with both negative and record prices.

As inventories recover, prices will begin to normalize. As oil prices begin to rebalance, analysts foresee a wider disparity between oil and gas prices, while gas markets will remain tighter for longer. If there are below-average temperatures, natural gas markets are prone to price volatility. Increased oil light-end goods entering traditional gas markets, tightening LPG supplies, and by extension gasoline, will result from the price differential between oil and gas. At the same time, experts anticipate significant demand for diesel to fuel commercial transportation as supply chains debottleneck and aircraft activity gradually ramps up.

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While stocks are expected to rise in the near future, the market will be vulnerable to disruption due to a shortage of spare capacity in both gas and oil. This will be made more difficult by a slew of geopolitical risks looming in major supply channels. Any disruption in global supply lines will have a disproportionate impact on prices. While oil prices have recently corrected downward, the real test will come shortly as demand puts a strain on supply resilience.

"Even though some businesses and investors are trying to divest from fossil fuels, we believe that strong levels of investment will lead to an easing of energy prices in the near future. We expect a strong influence into other commodity sectors, such as metals and agriculture, which will wreak havoc on the current commodities boom. Energy markets will only become more interconnected after the bubble bursts. Fundamentals and data will be more important than ever, necessitating a constant, holistic view of the entire energy industry.Will continue to work to offer transparency to the energy markets so that our clients can act confidently", said Lee Won-sik, Head of Energy Trading at Levinger Regens.

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About Levinger Regens

Levinger Regens is an established financial advisory and strategic consultancy services provider with deep market knowledge, a dynamic network of information, and derivatives solutions. The company's services include commodity and futures trading, wealth and financial planning, brokerage and investment advisory and more. The company works alongside traders, investors, farmers, producers, manufacturers, retailers, governments, and other organizations to fulfill a common purpose - to serve the world in a safe, responsible, and sustainable way.

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