Little Debbie® Birthday Cake Creme Pies: Celebrating Every Day!

COLLEGEDALE, Tenn., April 10, 2024 ~ McKee Foods, a leading snack company, has recently announced the addition of a new product to their beloved Little Debbie lineup: Little Debbie® Birthday Cake Creme Pies. These delicious treats combine the fun of birthday cake with the classic cream-filled cookie, making every day feel like a party.

The cookies are decorated with white icing and colorful candy confetti, giving them a festive and celebratory appearance. But it's not just about looks - inside, the classic creme filling is infused with birthday cake flavor, offering a unique twist that is both nostalgic and exciting.

According to Erica Cunningham, Little Debbie Product Manager at McKee Foods, the inspiration for this new creation comes from the joy of life's special moments. "With the Birthday Cake Creme Pies, we wanted to continue to capture the essence of celebration while also reminding consumers that happiness can be found in even the simplest moments," she said.

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Cunningham also noted that these creme pies are perfect for those who enjoy trying new flavors from a trusted brand. "It's yet another step in our journey to innovate within our product line while staying true to what our customers love about Little Debbie," she added.

Snack lovers of all ages can look forward to trying these new Birthday Cake Creme Pies when they hit shelves in mid-April. Whether it's for a birthday celebration or just an everyday treat, these cookies are sure to become a new favorite within the Little Debbie family of products. So mark your calendars and get ready to join in on the celebration!
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