Police Use of Force Continues to Be Debated

With dashcams, bodycams, and other cameras have made the public more aware of law enforcement incidents of use of force, the discussion of what is appropriate continues to bring changes to how policing is done.

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - Tennsun -- The sight of a police officer using force to subdue a citizen stirs emotions that continue to lead to debates about what is appropriate. Since their widespread rollout to police departments throughout the US beginning in 2014, police body cameras have been widely used by police officers to provide transparency to lawmakers and other authorities as well as to the general public about how situations that involve escalation are being handled.

The training of police departments, sheriff's offices, and other law enforcement front line workers continues to evolve to protect citizens from abuse while maintaining the goal of allowing officers to safely and effectively do their jobs.

Use of Force Protocols

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Use of force regulations and protocols for police departments throughout the country describe justifications for escalation from routine interaction between law enforcement and the public to situations where deadly force is appropriate.

Use of Force Tools
Use of force in law enforcement refers to the physical intervention of a police officer with a person to enforce compliance. The most common instruments used in the line of duty are are hand cuffs and leg restraints. Other use of force tools include chemical sprays, batons or flashlights (often used like a baton), and tasers. The use of a gun is reserved for the most serious of situations, where the life of an officer or others is in imminent danger.

As society responds to the dynamics of increased and more serious crime, the increasing lack of interest in law enforcement careers, and the public response to videos of police using force, continued changes to use of force rules is expected.

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