SimpleKPI launches a Free AI-Powered KPI Generator

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Unveiling the mystery behind KPI creation - SimpleKPI introduces its KPI Generator, making KPI creation a breeze.

LONDON - Tennsun -- SimpleKPI, a leading online KPI tracking platform, has announced its new AI-powered KPI Generator. This tool is set to transform how businesses create their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and an extensive KPI database. The free KPI Generator allows anyone to effortlessly create KPIs tailored to their specific needs.

Gone are the days of laborious KPI research. With the new generator, users can effortlessly generate relevant KPIs by entering a prompt, such as "Best practice KPIs for Automotive Sales." The platform's sophisticated algorithms analyze the query against a vast repository of industry-specific metrics, instantly providing actionable KPIs.

"We are frequently asked by our users to create or suggest KPIs. We are always happy to assist - and now have a tool that allows them to directly access AI and our extensive database to customize KPIs according to their needs." Stuart Kinsey

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Users can directly import the generated KPIs to the application or an external spreadsheet, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. Designing KPIs also no longer requires exhaustive research. So, whether users are fine-tuning existing KPIs or creating new ones, their AI-driven insights empower users to stay ahead of the curve.

"And it can also have a fun side; try using the generator to find out which KPIs you should use to track snowball fight performance."

The generator is a valuable research tool even if organizations are already tracking KPIs. Regularly refreshing KPIs is an integral yet time-consuming step in any performance management program to ensure alignment with evolving business goals. The more efficiently this can be achieved, the more competitive an organization can become.

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