Train4Birth Launches a New Approach to Perinatal Healthcare

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Carrying a child, giving birth, and life postpartum can all require a healthy dose of resilience. Dr. Monika Patel, DPT, CSCS, an orthopedic and pelvic health trained physical therapist started Train4Birth, to help support parents mentally and physically from the comfort of their homes. Train4Birth is a virtual program including body awareness and pelvic floor education, customizable exercises, and coaching to immediately address daily pregnancy challenges. Train4Birth was founded in 2020 and serves expecting mothers worldwide.

"I often saw new parents come into clinic postpartum with a prolapse, incontinence, or trying to safely resume daily life or fitness activities. Yet, establishing a consistent plan of care was a challenge as new parents are often limited by sleep deprivation, minimal insurance coverage, and childcare. I wanted to start a parent friendly, affordable, and proactive approach to perinatal therapy," says Dr. Patel. With Train4Birth parents can access evidence-based information and doctoral level personalized guidance at their own convenience, in realistic 5-minute doses from home or work.

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Dr. Patel points out that according to the World Health Organization all pregnant and postpartum women without contraindication should complete at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week. The benefits to mother and baby are undoubtable. With movement, there's a decreased risk of pre-eclampsia, gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, excessive gestational weight gain, delivery complications, postpartum depression, and newborn complications.

The goal of Train4Birth is to help parents achieve these recommendations and health benefits in a safe way that meets individual goals. One Train4Birth mom says, "Dr. Patel was such a blessing to have for this pregnancy. I had a lot of pelvic floor issues after my first birth and was very worried about the same things happening again. I started her program at the beginning of my second trimester and it made a huge difference! I didn't get bored, and it wasn't overwhelming. My birth was significantly easier!"

Additionally, Dr. Patel works directly with obstetrics physicians, midwives, and doulas to collaboratively improve birth outcomes.

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Further information about the program is available at the company's website:


Monika Patel, DPT, CSCS
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